• Middle Management

    There are five core attributes/actions that contribute to a manager’s success (i.e., true leadership). They are (in no particular order): 

    1. Patience

    2. Empathy 

    3. Enable

    4. Feedback

    5. Results

    A great manager strives to understand people. Part of that process is patience. This characteristic can be honed with discipline and it compliments attribute #2, empathy.

    We all know people who attempt empathy, but it ends up manifesting as condescension. Real empathy breeds motivated and loyal employees. It’s also handy when conflicts arise.

    Enable means providing employees with the necessary tools for success. It means proactively assessing employees needs, improving on those needs if possible, and then moving out of the way. 

    Feedback doesn’t mean constant hand holding. A quality feedback loop allows employees to self-assess more accurately which leads to higher job satisfaction in the long run. Positive feedback will often do more for work place morale than any amount of monetary compensation ever could. Negative feedback is also important, but patience and empathy will allow a great leader to focus on changing future actions, behaviors, scenarios, etc. instead of focusing on the past. Employees need to be informed about errors in order to solve them. 

    The first four attributes are centered on the employee because true leadership is selfless and puts people first. The fifth attribute is self-explanatory. In business, a leader must focus on the metrics and results that drive the organization’s continued (hopefully) profitability.